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Our goal for excellence is achieved through high quality craftsmanship, continuing education, and open lines of communication between our technicians and your staff. Each dental restoration is hand-crafted by trained technicians who take pride in their work.


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    Zirconia :

    1. Naturally compatible with your body chemistry, which means anyone can wear one, even patients with metal allergies.
    2. Natural look. Have the strength of a metal crown and the natural appearance of a porcelain crowns.
    3. Durability and strength. Zirconia crowns could last a lifetime.
    4. Zirconia crowns resist chips and have five times the strength of porcelain or metal crowns.
  • Pallavi Dental Lab

    Implants :

    1. Esthetically pleasing, highly functional, surgical solution to missing teeth.
    2. Success rate of 93-98% depending on the patient’s overall health.
    3. Procedures are virtually pain-free.
    4. Implants can replace one, few or many teeth and can be customized.
    5. Implants become integrated with your jawbone to like real teeth.
  • Pallavi Dental Lab

    PFM :

    1. PFM crowns are both robust and long lasting.
    2. Considered a better fit than many other types of crowns and to have greater strength as well.
    3. They are often cheaper than other types of crowns.



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